Story Behind the Name

Hangar flying is an art in storytelling where aviation enthusiasts gather to share laughter, learning, inspiration, and tall tales. Hangar Fly is also a name used to describe someone who spends most of their time at the airport. For me, Hangar Fly is a brand that keeps the art of storytelling alive by promoting badass people, inspiring adventure, and sharing incredible stories of life, laughter, and travel. At Hangar Fly, I tell stories through custom items, translating ideas and people's memorable moments into unique pieces of art, evoking and inspiring adventure. 

Creating Conversation Pieces That Speak For Themselves

Let my unique vision, design and engraving service add sheen to your latest accomplishment or most appreciated memory. You can trust me to do this and a whole lot more. My engraving services include custom design and engraving on many surfaces including glass, wood, bone, leather, metal, stone, etc. Whether you are in need of a custom decanter set, an ornate cow skull, or art and furniture made from airplane parts and military surplus, I can create a unique item that you will treasure. At Hangar Fly, each item is individual and should capture its owner's personality. That's why I aim to learn your story and turn your imagination into reality. To find out more about my work, get in touch with me today!

Story Behind The Logo & Mascot

Both of my logos are inspired by the Women Airforce Service Pilots, WASP, of WWII and modern military aviators. 

The main logo was drawn to invoke a feeling of nostalgia. Depending on viewpoint, the silhouette of the female aviator could be modern or vintage. Her flight suit, leather jacket, and the illusion of wings and semblance of both a modern helmet and vintage flight goggles invoke a shared sisterhood that transcends time through the shared love of aviation and art of storytelling. The hangar is designed to replicate the WASP hangar at Avenger Field.

The mascot, Hazel the Fly Girl, is inspired by modern military aviators and the WASP mascot, Fifinella. Instead of a gremlin, she is a literal Fly Girl. She is named after WASP Hazel Ying Lee who was the last of 38 WASP's who died in service to their country. 

Why Choose Me

Custom Design
Custom Artwork
Any Surface
Unique Products
High Quality Engraving
Venmo Accepted
Credit & Debit Card Accepted
Veteran Owned & Operated

Tell Me Your Story

Contact me, tell me about your unique story, promotion, or important moment in life and let's bring it to life as a beautiful engraved item or piece of art. I am a one-person shop, but I aim to create wonderful customer experiences and to respond expeditiously.