Decoupaged Cow Skull

Decoupaged Cow Skull

Custom cow skulls decoupaged with your photograph and decorated with other items like rope, leather, barbed wire, feathers, etc. to create a unique conversation piece. The decoupaged photo adds color and detail to the item. 

I also offer laser engraved and laser carved artwork on bones and skulls, and I can create ornate skulls with rhinestones or gemstones upon request. 

The skulls are from my family farm and are collected after one of the animals passes away. I like to create something beautiful from the death and decay. Perfect for the western themed home. Each skull is as unique as the animal it came from, and they all have their own personality. Skulls are cleaned thoroughly and treated so they are safe for humans and pets. 

Send me a message and I will send you pictures of the skull selection I have available, and we can discuss customization and style. 

Tell Me Your Story

Contact me, tell me about your unique story, promotion, or important moment in life and let's bring it to life as a beautiful engraved item or piece of art. I am a one-person shop, but I aim to create wonderful customer experiences and to respond expeditiously.